SPA BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR KIDS pampers young ladies (3 – 14 yrs.) with manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, make-up and more. Mobile service to celebrate your daughter’s special day with a personalized, meaningful and glamorous tribute!

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Welcome to Mobile Spa Birthday Parties for Kids!

Our 2-hour mobile spa services are delivered with panache, creativity and maximum fun. Every moment crafted for optimum enjoyment.  
That is why at every party you will hear, “This is the best party ever!”


Birthday Parties are our Specialty!

Since 2002, Spa Birthday Parties for Kids has provided pampering, entertainment and fun!

The first and most original spa party in town.

Celebrating 15 spa-filled years!


Choose from 6 Spa Packages

Each package includes the following extra’s:
Relaxation Activities
Birthday Girl Appreciation Service
Royal “This is the life!” Fanning and Massage Station
Spa Music
Lavender and a Calm, Peaceful Retreat Experience


Health Knowledge & Expertise

Rosalyn Benatar is a Holistic Practitioner, Healing Arts Therapist, & Holistic Nutritionist.

Also known as “The Spa Lady”, Roslyn has worked in many posh spas and brings all her expertise, creativity and fun to the party.