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“Hi Rosalyn
Thank you so much for everything and you were so amazing with the girls! Riana and her friends had a blast!” June /24 Swifty party

“Hi Rosalyn, Thank you for making my daughters birthday so wonderful. You are so lovely to work with and it was lovely to meet you yesterday.” Carmil Star is born package April/23

“Rosalyn, thank you! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, I watched the girls enjoy themselves so so much! They all felt extremely special and celebrated! Marlowe too, she just had a wonderful time.” Heather Unicorn Jan/23

“Hi Rosalyn
Thanks for arranging such a wonderful party. The girls had such an amazing time and enjoyed themselves a lot. I am passing on your reference to one of my friends.” Ashwani Star is born package April/23

“Hi Rosalyn
I just wanted to thank you again for bringing such joy to Victoria on her special day! She loved her LOL Spa party so much. Thanks again!!!” Lesley 9/22

“Hi Rosalyn, Thanks so much for your services. It was so much fun! All the girls enjoyed themselves thanks to you. Thanks again.”
Liz Descendants Package 8/22

Hi Rosalyn,
I just wanted to thank you again for today. All the girls had a great time. I’ve already been asked by 2 Moms for your contact info.” Carolyn Mermaid package Oct/22

“Thank you Rosalyn!
All the girls had such a great time.”
Rhiann Paris party Dec/22

“Dear Rosalyn
Thanks for hosting us today. The girls had an amazing time. Happy Holidays and so glad your home safe!!” Tamara Spoil Me Rotten package Dec/22

“Hi Rosalyn,
I am sorry it’s late but I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you again for coming today. The girls had a wonderful time and your services are perfect.” Brooke Fairy Party – Nov/22

“Thanks Rosalyn again for the wonderful spa party for our daughter! It will be a beautiful memory for her and us for years to come!” Cheers Joanie and Henry Unicorn party March/23

Hi dear Rosalyn, Thanks for coming today and sorry for any inconvenience. I could not handle this birthday without your big support. Thank you so much .❤️  Solfa, May 14

Thank you so much ROSALYN, now I see how you do it to keep all the girls engaged. That was awesome so much fun and can you please come back and do this for me and my friends” Vivi, April 2022 

ROSLYN that was amazing you are an artist and sooo patient. The way you entertain the girls with unique and special activities… I’ve never experienced anything like it. The girls are still talking about it …thank you so much again” – Sharon, June 2021

Thank you so much again!!! The girls had so much fun. I will recommend your services to everyone. Michelle, Oct 2021

“Hello Rosalyn, last year, for our daughters birthday, you provided us with your Spa Birthday Party Unicorn Package and WE LOVED IT!!! We were wondering if you are available this year for the Mermaid Package. Thank you so much!” — Clara

“Thank you so very much!! The girls had an absolute blast!! Everything was just perfect. Talia and her friends can’t stop talking about how much fun they had…Enjoy your travels down under. One of my fav places. Enjoy your time with your daughter. My oldest is already asking for you to host her next bday party…Safe travels. Thank you again!!!” — Tania

butterfly Hi Rosalyn,
It was lovely to meet you this weekend. Please feel free to add this to your website: “Our party (Feb. 9/18) was a huge success! Rosalyn is very experienced, responsible, and lovely to deal with. She related well to the girls (10 and 11 year-olds) and was prompt, reliable, and efficient in her work, all while showing the girls a great time. We would highly recommend her for any spa party!” — Gillian

“I asked Rosalyn where I can leave a review because I was so impressed, she has a wonderful way with the girls and they actually listen to her. Thank you Rosalyn for your patience, you are really good at what you do.” — Danielle

“Thank you Rosalyn, you did a wonderful job, the girls loved it and are still talking about the party. They were so excited to show off their nails at school.” — Priya

“I booked Rosalyn after reading all her reviews. She did an amazing job. My home was very loud and hectic, I had a house full of kids and adults, however Rosalyn handled everything. Kept the kids totally engaged, my daughter said it was the best party ever and wants it next year. As her Mother that is all I wanted. I asked Rosalyn where I can leave a review because I was so impressed. Thank you so much.” — Julia


“Thank you for a great party, Rosalyn. You are very skilled at what you do!!!” — Ashanti

“Hi Rosalyn, I loved the way the party flowed, now I see how you do it. I can’t believe how you handled the services with such ease…you have so much patience. I couldn’t do it. The girls loved you…you’re the best.” — Natali

“Hi Rosalyn, Thanks so much for coming out to help us celebrate Josie’s 7th Birthday. She had so much fun and many of her friends said that was the best birthday they’ve ever been to. We loved that there was minimal work for the parents too!!! Thanks again.” — Margaret


“Rosalyn, Thank you so much… the girls all said, “This is the best party ever!” I will recommend you to all my co-workers and friends. Thanks again.” — Cristine

“Thank you, you’re awesome.” — Priya

“Dear Rosalyn: I want to say how amazing the party was. I could not believe how every child at the party wanted your business card. You made the party so special, my daughter has already told me she wants you next year. I will gladly recommend you to every one.” — Edie

“Hi Rosalyn,
“Thank you for putting on such a great spa for the girls.” — Tamara

“Hi Rosalyn,
Thank you for making Aryann’s party special.” — Lisa

“Hi Rosalyn,
Thank you so much again for last night!! All of the girls had such a wonderful time!! Chloe had one of the girls sleepover and she got up this morning and said how she loved your voice and how you talked and everything was so relaxing!!! Thanks again!! It was definitely a birthday Chloe won’t forget!! All the best!!”


“Hi Rosalyn. I just wanted to thank you again. I know my daughter and her friends had a great time. Chantal will definitely remember her 7th birthday and you had a big hand in this. I will highly recommend you to others. Thanks again.” — Angie

“Rosalyn, thank you so much for your service. The girls had a wonderful time.” — Abby

“Thank you for a great party Wednesday night! My daughter Caroline is still talking about it. Thanks again for a fabulous party!!” — Catherine

“Thank you so much for a wonderful party. I am so impressed how you handle all the girls and the amazing services. Thank you again.” — Fatima


“Thank you for your services.” — Amy

“Hi Rosalyn…I want to thank you for making Emily’s Birthday so special. I was so impressed with your creativity, originality and heartfelt care. You are right…It is the best birthday party ever!!!”

“Hi Rosalyn! Thank you so much for coming out all the way to our house for such a fun party. Although the girls weren’t as cooperative as I would have liked them to be but they can’t stop talking about it. We have a couple of them staying over night & I can still hear them talking about it & enjoying their relaxing sock pad. They have already warmed it up twice ?.
Thank you again for making it so special for all of them. ” — Mirriam

“Dear Rosalyn
The girls kept coming over to me to tell me ‘This is the best party I have ever been too.’ I saw several girls hug my daughter to thank her for inviting them. You wowed me, and I especially loved your birthday girl appreciation. Thank you so much.” — Ramona

“Dear Rosalyn: I want to express how organized, prepared and calm you are. Within minutes you had all the girls quiet, you are the spa whisperer. The girls are still talking about it. After you left, pandemonium.
Thank you.” — Peter

“Thank you so much Ros for the great party and loot bags!!  I think you will probably get a few more parties out of this bunch, they all had a fabulous time.” — My best, Katherine

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day! The girls loved every minute of it (and the mothers did, too!)” — Afton

“Hello Rosalyn,
I just wanted to thank you for your hard work today. It was amazing. I will surely refer all my friends to your services. Thank you.” — Maissaa

“Thanks for the great party!  You were amazing and the kids loved everything!  Thanks so much again!.” — Belinda

“I just wanted to say thank you again…The girls are still talking about the fun they had with you! Take care.” — Trudi

“Thank you so much for the great experience yesterday. It was a pleasure to have you in our home and pamper the girls.” — Kam

“Thank you for a wonderful party!” — Kinga



“Thanks so much for coming to do Emma’s spa party yesterday. The girls (and Adam) really enjoyed it and I was very pleased to see how much care you put into your work. Thanks again.” — Robyn

“Nick and I just wanted to say thank you again for help making Shiann’s Spa party a success. The girls really had a great time and I was very impressed by how you were with all the girls and the special attention you gave to each one of them. Thanks again it was a blast.” — Shanta


“I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for the party last Friday. It was a huge success and my girl and all the girls were so happy with it. You are very patient and I could see how much you enjoy doing this. Thanks so much, It was a memorable party for Carolina.” — Juan

“Hi Rosalyn, did you do a party for Carmelina last year? She said it was great, that is where Priya, my daughter got the idea. What a small world.” — Kinga

“Thanks again for providing such a wonderful party. All the girls had a wonderful time, especially my daughter. It was nice meeting you and I hope our paths cross again. All the best.” — Annmarie

“Rosalyn, thanks again for everything….the kids really had fun!!!” — Carine lotus

“Hi Rosalyn, My daughter had a fabulous time. The craft was a special treat seeing as she is a gymnast… It will come in handy. The spa was amazing and the loot bags were great. I never thought that the day would have been as amazing as you described to me. Thank you very much for making my daughter and her friends day amazingly special.” — Chantale

“It was a pleasure speaking with you today. You were very helpful with reviewing how a “spa party” will work for my girls. I appreciate your professionalism and years of experience. I would like to proceed with booking your services on June 21st and include loot bags. Warm regards,” — Crystal


“Thank you for celebrating Selena’s birthday with us…we had a lot of fun.. the kids were still talking about it the next day…” — Mary.

“Alison and I just wanted to thank you once again for helping to make Amanda’s birthday party very memorable…the girls had a great time from all of the positive feedback that we received afterwards! We gave out your business cards to the other parents, so who knows, you may get a call from some of them in the future. All the best… take care,” —   Robert 

“Thanks Rosalyn again! Wonderful time had by all – the girls loved you! I am going to refer you to one of the moms of the girls at the party so watch for the email.” — Irene

“Thank you very much for the party. We enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Best regards,” — Irina

“I just wanted to thank you for Friday evening, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, they loved believe it or not the fortune telling part and the craft – must say I ended up using one on Saturday night while relaxing on the couch – felt great! Thanks again!” — Adele, Alisia and Melina

“Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for Sunday nights party. The girls had a fabulous time and I was really impressed with how smoothly everything went.  Thanks again.” — Rochelle


“Good afternoon. I had Rosalyn Benatar to my home in January for my daughters 9th birthday. Rosalyn has a great personality and had all the girls attention for the full 2 hours. Rosalyn was very professional and organized. My daughter and her friends all said it was the best party they had ever been to and I was more then pleased.


It was the best money I ever spent on a birthday party and I have every intention on booking Rosalyn for my daughters 10th birthday party. Even I, mom , received a massage, I had a great time. I trust that you and your family will have the same positive experience. I have passed Rosalyn’s card out to a number of my friends and co-workers, I highly recommend her and her services.” — Michelle

“I’m writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided our party on Saturday afternoon. I have been getting plenty of compliments from our guests due in no small part to the comfort, relaxation and professionalism you provided. I think it gave our party that extra element of fun and indulgence that made the birthday girl feel extra-special. For my own part, I loved the way you took care of all the set up and take down, allowing me to focus on the rest of the party details. I hope it was as easy for you as you made it look.

I knew when I first spoke to you that I would enjoy dealing with you and that’s why I was pleased to give you my business over some of the other spa providers I had contacted. I’ll be sure to pass on your name to my friends and may already know someone else who is interested in hosting a spa party. Perhaps I’ll contact you again when my 2-year-old is ready for her princess party! Thanks again and all the best!” — Melanie

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